Monday, April 20, 2015

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Nigeria - News and Analysis

Nigeria 2015: Momentum Swings Back Towards the PDP

Through governorship elections and some clever politicking, the ruling People's Democratic Party seems to wresting the initiative back from the All Progressives Congress.

"Just Turn the Volume Up": An Interview with Afrikan Boy

The Nigerian-British musician talks influences, how to give the audience a good time, and who's big in Africa.

Review − Hungry Man by Keyboard

Soundway Records' reissue of Hungry Man is a fun and energetic blast from Nigeria's 1970s afrobeat funk and rock past.

Nigeria: What Effect Will Boko Haram Have on Elections?

Nigeria's government will need to work with opposition as well as international partners to ensure Boko Haram's activities do not further endanger the democratic process.

Boko Haram: President Jonathan Plays the Al-Qaeda Card

By telling the world that he is fighting al-Qaeda, Jonathan is trying to paint his government − which has failed to combat Boko Haram − as an unlikely hero in a global war.

Was the Nigerian Military Complicit in the Chibok Abductions?

Experts on Boko Haram suggest that the kidnap of over 200 schoolgirls in northern Nigeria could not have been carried out without some degree of police or military cooperation.

Another Bombing in Abuja, Boko Haram Suspected

There are no heroes in this war, just victims and villains.

Boko Haram: Why Have You Taken Our Girls?

The Nigerian Islamist sect has kidnapped 234 school girls. Why?

The Chibok Abduction Exposes Boko Haram’s Weakness

Boko Haram is wild and frightening, which is undermining the support it had. The Nigerian government could take advantage of this weakness.

Nigeria Elections: Stage Set for Real Competition

The opposition APC has to convince voters it represents genuine change, while the ruling PDP will have to persuade voters to stick with the devil they have come to know so well.

The Abuja Bus Station Bombing: A Sign of Boko Haram's Rise or Fall?

Nigeria is not winning in the battle against Boko Haram, but neither are the Islamist militants. The Abuja bombing is more a sign of the group's decline than ascendency.


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