Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Nigeria - News and Analysis

The Abuja Bus Station Bombing: A Sign of Boko Haram's Rise or Fall?

Nigeria is not winning in the battle against Boko Haram, but neither are the Islamist militants. The Abuja bombing is more a sign of the group's decline than ascendency.

What We (Don't) Know About Eritrea's Economy

Eritrea perfectly illustrates the amount of guesswork involved in economic analysis of Africa.

What Does the Tactic of Foreign Kidnappings Tell us about Boko Haram?

If the abduction of two Italian priests and a Canadian nun is confirmed to have been conducted by Boko Haram, it will be the Islamist militants' third kidnapping in northern Cameroon.

Nigeria: Federalism Works

The federal system has not been free of controversy or acrimony, but it is Nigeria's best option.

Dying for Jobs: Deadly Stampede Highlights Nigeria's Youth Unemployment Crisis

Nigeria's economic growth has done little to create jobs for ordinary citizens, especially its huge youth population.

Review − Ibibio Sound Machine

"Let's dance" is the mantra of Ibibio Sound Machine, and is likely to be what most listeners think when they hear the band's vibrant debut album.

Nigeria Election Watch: PDP Tries to Wrest Back Momentum from the APC

Nigeria's game of political musical chairs looks set to continue as the ruling party and opposition − as well as figures within − try to give themselves the advantage.

Will it be Famine or Feast for Africa as Big Food Retailers Look to the Continent?

Multinationals such as Walmart and Carrefour could easily deal a blow to smaller traders and markets in Africa. But if they choose to work with local firms, they could be a blessing.

G is for Gusau: Jonathan Turns to Nigeria's Soldier Spy in the Fight Against Boko Haram

President Jonathan has appointed veteran security chief Aliyu Mohammed Gusau as his new defence minister, but is there more to this choice than meets the eye?

Nigeria: Breaking Apart the Presidency’s Jamboree Budget

Nasir El-Rufai analyses the presidency's proposed 2014 budget and finds in it all the hallmarks of the Jonathan administration's jamboree mentality.

Youth Vigilantes Stand Up to Boko Haram, but at a Cost

With Civilian Joint Task Force units having some success in suppressing Boko Haram attacks in urban areas, the Islamist militants have shifted their focus to rural civilians.


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