Monday, April 21, 2014

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DRC - News and Analysis

DRC: Katanga's ICC Conviction is One Small Step towards Justice

The ICC has found Congolese militia leader Germain Katanga guilty of war crimes but acquitted him on charges of sexual violence and of using child soldiers.

DRC: The Amani Festival Shows Off Goma's Fun Side

The vibrant Amani Festival demonstrated how Goma is not only the epicentre of various conflicts, but a place where Congolese and their neighbours can unite in joy and hope.

End of an Era? What Next for the DR Congo now that the M23 has been Defeated?

Though the M23 has been defeated, underlying grievances remain, while the dozens more rebel groups in the region may prove harder to uproot.

Pincer Movements, Choppers and Teamwork: How the M23 was Pushed Back

Less than a year ago, the national army and UN mission watched on as the M23 moved across the region. This week, it is the rebels that have been swept aside. What changed?

M23's Congo Cadres: The Rebel Movement with a Taste for Local Politics

While peace talks stretch on in Kampala, the M23 is teaching hundreds of new officials about Che Guevara, Gandhi and how to get ahead in regional governance.

Why Are Muslims in the Congo Almost Invisible?

Recent estimates suggest 10% of Congolese are Muslim, yet the population is paid little attention.

Blue Helmet Blues: UN Force in the Congo, Take Two

The UN's Force Intervention Brigade has been heralded as breaking new peacekeeping territory, but this isn't the first time the UN has taken the fight to Congolese rebels.

Corruption in the Congo: How China Learnt from the West

To single out Chinese companies for entering into shady business in the DRC is to miss a fundamental point: Western firms have been at it for centuries, and still are.

Behind Rebel Lines: Living with the M23 in DR Congo

Protracted talks between the Congolese government and rebel group M23 are ongoing, but for those living in occupied areas of the DRC, life must go on.

Say My Name, Say My Name: How "Shout-outs" Keep Congolese Rumba Fighting Fit

When times are tight for Congolese musicians, it helps to drop the names of wealthy businessmen or dignitaries into your songs...for a small fee of course.

Rumour Has It: The Importance of Gossip in the Battle for Goma

With fighting between the Congolese army and M23 heating up, the Goma rumour mill is causing trouble for the UN and President Kabila.