Saturday, April 18, 2015

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Swaziland - News and Analysis

Swaziland Takes No Steps Closer to Democracy

Despite a purported tête-à-tête with divinity and another round of elections, it seems that little has changed in Mswati III’s mountainous kingdom.

Pro-Reform Protestors Arrested in Swaziland

The government has been quick to suppress The Global Week of Action for Swaziland, which has mobilised regional and international support.

The King's Ransom: Swaziland's Suffering Economy

Despite a recent increase in revenue, Swaziland's population continues to suffer under a faltering economy and unaccountable government.

Allowing Conjugal Visits in Swaziland – A Premature Adjudication?

Swaziland looks set to become the first African country to introduce conjugal visits for prisoners, but critics say the policy is misguided.

Swaziland: The King's Monopoly

King Mswati III’s control of the telecoms sector mirrors his hold on the country and its economy.

An Unlikely Freedom Fighter

Jonas Sekyere recalls his meeting with the imprisoned Swazi activist Maxwell Dlamini.

The Week Ahead from Exclusive Analysis: Demonstrations in Swaziland and Sudan

Demonstrators in Swaziland could face live ammunition, Sudanese opposition march for conflict resolution.

Swaziland's Big Boss

Chief Justice Michael Ramodibedi shows no sign of backing down in the face of a disgruntled Judiciary.

Protests Rock Swaziland As Police Clamp Down

The Swazi government has taken a hard line with pro-democracy campaigners, but more demonstrations are planned for April 13.

King Mswati III Faces Rising Protests

Africa's last absolute monarch faces discontent over austerity measures and royal extravagance

"Swaziland Cannot Remain an Island of Dictatorship in the Sea of Democracy"

King Mswati III, Swaziland's absolute monarch, is facing demonstrations calling for economic and political reform.