Saturday, April 19, 2014

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Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe is living proof that power corrupts, and that a cult of personality can devastate a country otherwise brimming with potential.
Not a lot is known about the drugs trade in Mozambique, but the evidence suggests it is becoming a popular transit point for traffickers.
The Rwandan genocide was shocking not just because of its extremity and scale, but because it was preventable.
Libya's sovereign wealth fund has filed a bribery case against French bank Société Générale, adding to its $1 billion lawsuit against Goldman Sachs.
For the first time in two decades, the divisive figure Kumba Yalá is not watching over Guinea-Bissau's elections. But his legacy of corruption and unrest remains.
A 12,000-strong UN force is a positive step, but there are still five months before it's deployed and questions remain over where the troops and funding will come from.
Owuor’s debut novel is not short of flair as it deals with life, death, truth and love. But sometimes the poeticism goes so far as to break its own spell.
Eritrea perfectly illustrates the amount of guesswork involved in economic analysis of Africa.
Egypt's military doesn't only control the political levers of power, but also the economic ones. And its involvement is getting even deeper.