Saturday, April 25, 2015

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Liberia - News and Analysis

Who Audits the Auditors: Scandal at the Heart of the African Peer Review Mechanism

Inside figures allege that the APRM is fraught with corruption and mismanagement, and that its integrity and independence have been undermined.

West Africa's Barbershop 'Pride'

In Esiebo's stunning photos of West African barbershops, the viewer sees the relationship between barber and client, the care barbers take in their work, and above all their pride.

Sierra Leone: Freedom of Information is One Thing, Freedom of Press is Another

Sierra Leone's new freedom of information bill could be positive, but as Liberia's experience shows, without political will, the law could mean very little.

The Liberian Media: President Johnson Sirleaf’s New Public Enemy Number One

With the on-going Rodney Sieh libel case and growing media restrictions, the idea of ‘Liberia Rising, Together’ has an increasingly hollow ring.

Liberia’s Stockholm Syndrome: Why Bong County Still Loves Charles Taylor

Charles Taylor was responsible for mass atrocities and human rights abuses in Liberia. So why do so many Liberians still revere him?

The Rise and Rise of Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

West Africa's Gulf of Guinea has overtaken the Somali coast as Africa's main piracy hotspot, and this upward trend looks set to continue.

Johnson Sirleaf Plays Musical Chairs: Liberia's Superficial Reshuffle?

Despite poor performance or being implicated in corruption scandals, many ministers survived President Johnson Sirleaf's recent cabinet reshuffle.

Review – Reimagining Child Soldiers in International Law

In challenging typical accounts of child soldiers as passive, faultless victims, Mark Drumbl's book makes a valuable contribution to the understanding of child soldiering.

Ivory Coast's Truth Commission: No Reconciliation on a Battlefield

Truth commissions are a must-have for any country in transition, but why have so many failed?

Liberia's Logging Loophole: Selling off the Forest

Illegal logging permits could lead to mass deforestation and disastrous repercussions for Liberia's population and environment.

Liberia's Mental Health Services: Building from the Ground Up

By establishing centres in each county, training health workers and earmarking funds, post-war Liberia is trying to tackle its widespread mental health problems.