Friday, April 18, 2014

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Kenya - News and Analysis

Review − Dust by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor

Owuor’s debut novel is not short of flair as it deals with life, death, truth and love. But sometimes the poeticism goes so far as to break its own spell.

The Samaritans: Good, But How Good?

This crowd-funded comedy lampoons a target ripe for satire, but it would be a shame if the programme ends up kissing the hand it set out to bite.

End of the Line? Allegations of Corruption Knock Kenya's Railway Project Off-Track

The growing controversy around Kenya's multi-billion dollar railway project has delayed construction, but could it fully derail it?

Looted in Plain Sight: Kenya and its Multi-Billion Dollar Invoicing Problem

Kenya lost over $700 million in taxes in 2012 due to smuggling. But despite popular belief, the main problem with smuggling isn't corruption. It's tax havens, phantom firms and secrecy.

Kenyatta in Court: Victims Call for Justice as Hope for it Fades

If the case against President Kenyatta were to collapse, it would be a disaster for the ICC, but the repercussions for the victims of the 2007/8 violence would be all the more tragic.

The Gulf's New Disposable Workforce

Gulf states' riches have been built on oil, credit and exploited migrant labour. Increasingly, these workers are African.

Blowing Smoke in Africa: Big Tobacco and Child Smokers

Weak regulations – and alleged underhand tactics – are helping big tobacco firms increase demand in Africa, especially among the young.

Falling Leaves: Kenya's Farmers Falter as Tea Prices Drop

Thousands of miles from the streets of Cairo, Kenyan farmers are feeling the effects of Egypt's instability as demand for tea falls significantly.

Welcome to Eastleigh, Kenya's Most Unlikely Holiday Destination

With its sewage-flooded roads and dangerous reputation, Eastleigh may not be top of most tourist lists. But there are some around the world who just can't keep away.

Feet-Dragging, Fast-Tracking and Freedom of Movement: Where Now for the EAC?

With relations within the East African Community fraying in recent months, the upcoming heads-of-state summit will be all the more important.

Controversies, Challenges and Concessions: Kenya's Faltering Bid to be East Africa's Next Resource Hub

Kenyans are abuzz with hope that its newly-discovered resources will enrich the country, but is Kenya prepared to make the most of its natural wealth?