Thursday, August 21, 2014

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Kenya - News and Analysis

Kenya’s Infighting is Good for No-one, Except Al-Shabaab

Unlike after the Westgate siege, the attack on Mpeketoni has left Kenya more divided and therefore more vulnerable.

Kenya's Growing Militant Threat

The terrorist threat in Kenya is changing and the government appears unable to deal with it.

Touching Tales of Coming out Queer in Kenya

In the style of intimate confession, Invisible, a collection of personal stories, swirls around themes of first kisses, plotting co-workers, family rejection and acceptance.

Making Money Pay: Direct Cash Transfers in Kenya

According to proponents, direct cash transfers not only cut out admin costs and losses to corruption. They are also more empowering and effective.

When the Grass is Greener: Maasai in Kenya Swap a Nomadic Existence for Farming

The Maasai have led semi-nomadic pastoral lives for generations, but now some are settling down − and all thanks to a type of grass.

Life and Land: The Ogiek in Kenya Fight for their Rights

A Kenyan court has ruled that the Ogiek's 'access' to the Mau Forest must be protected. But claims over the group's 'rights' to the land fell on deaf ears.

On the Edge of Home: The Forcible Evictions of the Sengwer in Kenya

Allegedly in contravention of Kenyan law, thousands of Sengwer have been forcibly removed from their ancestral homeland in the Embobut forest.

Review − Dust by Yvonne Adhiambo Owuor

Owuor’s debut novel is not short of flair as it deals with life, death, truth and love. But sometimes the poeticism goes so far as to break its own spell.

The Samaritans: Good, But How Good?

This crowd-funded comedy lampoons a target ripe for satire, but it would be a shame if the programme ends up kissing the hand it set out to bite.

End of the Line? Allegations of Corruption Knock Kenya's Railway Project Off-Track

The growing controversy around Kenya's multi-billion dollar railway project has delayed construction, but could it fully derail it?

Looted in Plain Sight: Kenya and its Multi-Billion Dollar Invoicing Problem

Kenya lost over $700 million in taxes in 2012 due to smuggling. But despite popular belief, the main problem with smuggling isn't corruption. It's tax havens, phantom firms and secrecy.