Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Guinea - News and Analysis

Sékou Touré: Guinea's Hardline Hero or Visionary Villain?

“We prefer poverty in liberty to riches in slavery," Sékou Touré famously told Guinea's colonial masters. But under his own long rule many liberties were withheld.

Guinea Election Results Reveal Entrenched Ethnic Vote, Or Do They?

Beyond notions of clan rivalries and ethnic bloc voting, a closer look at Guinea suggests its realities are far too complex to be boiled down to just 'us' and 'them'.

Guinea's Long-Awaited Parliamentary Elections Pass Peacefully

After years of delays, Guinea's first legislative elections since the 2008 coup have gone relatively smoothly. But the hardest task is yet to come.

Till Death Do Us Part

The death of active state leaders is a rare phenomenon – except in Africa. If age and available healthcare cannot explain it, what can?

Guinea: Ethnicity, Democracy and Opposition

After two years of democracy, how is politically-fractious Guinea faring?

Remembering the Tirailleurs Sénégalais

How should the West African troops, who fought for colonial France, be remembered today?

Mining in Guinea: Why Western Mining Majors Need to Engage Organised Labour

Increasingly fraught relations between investors, unions and government are threatening the future of Guinea's mining sector.

Guinea: Protests and Strikes Predicted

With the cost of living rising, bauxite firms are likely to be targeted directly by protests, raising risks of disruption to mineral exports.

Political Risks Over Christmas and New Year

Disputed election results in the DRC, rebel leader Athor's death in South Sudan, Kenya's invasion of Somalia, the health of Guinea-Bissau's president, and an industrial dispute in Guinea all pose significant risks over the Christmas period.

Election Protests in Gabon and Guinea, Violence in Nigeria

Exclusive Analysis predict Boko Haram attacks in Nigeria and moderate risks of electoral protests in Gabon and Guinea.

The Treatment of Child Soldiers in West African Fiction

The presentation of child soldiers in some west African literature forces the reader to reconsider the categories of "soldier" and "child".