Monday, April 27, 2015

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Eritrea - News and Analysis

IGAD’s Missed Opportunity for Action on South Sudan

As people continue to suffer, the latest regional summit ended in little more than repeated promises.

African Refugees: The Untouchables of Our Time

Europe may express sympathy with African asylum seekers in word, but this is often contradicted by their actions in deed.

What We (Don't) Know About Eritrea's Economy

Eritrea perfectly illustrates the amount of guesswork involved in economic analysis of Africa.

"It's Not a Place you go to Die, but a Place you go to Suffer": Torture and Trafficking in Sinai

Lawlessness in Egypt's Sinai peninsula allows traffickers and kidnappers to make a commodity out of human life.

The Third Way: Israel Can't Solve its Asylum Seeker Issue That Easily

Israeli politicians have announced a deal whereby an East African country, believed by most to be Uganda, will accept its African asylum seekers. But is this even legal?

Will Netanyahu Take it out on African Migrants?

Israel's High Court recently repealed a law allowing African asylum seekers to be held for 3 years. But this victory could prove to be a pyrrhic one.

Egypt: Human Trafficking in Sinai

Many refugees, mostly from Eritrea, are being kidnapped and held hostage by criminal networks working in the largely lawless Sinai Peninsula.

How Could a Lasting Peace between Ethiopia and Eritrea be Achieved?

After more than a decade of low-level hostilities and sour relations, there are signs Eritrea and Ethiopia could be ready to talk again.

Why Eritrea is not the North Korea of Africa, and What We Should be Noticing Instead

With a series of events in the past year suggesting change could be afoot, the time is ripe for renewed attention on Ethiopia-Eritrea relations.

Eritrea: Why Discontent Doesn't Necessarily Mean Change

Recent events in Eritrea have so far shown two things: 1) Discontent is rising. 2) Afewerki can handle it.

Exit Eritrea: How Could it all End for Isaias Afewerki?

Afewerki's grip on power in Eritirea is showing signs of weakness. But will we see a coup, cosmetic reforms or even an uprising?