Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Botswana - News and Analysis

Indigenous Peoples' Day: the Perils of Progress

The hardships that indigenous peoples face exposes gaps in human rights rhetoric. Read around the subject with Think Africa Press.

Evicted from Ancestral Lands: Botswana's Basarwa Minority

The Basarwa have been forced off their ancestral lands. The government say it is for environmental protection, but some believe it has more to do with diamonds and tourism.

Trouble Brewing: Africa and Alcohol Problems

With over-consumption of alcohol on the rise, governments are struggling to find suitable legislation amidst profit-hungry global corporations and illegally-produced liquor.

How can Botswana Keep its Sparkle without its Diamonds?

With its diamond reserves predicted to run out in 20 years, diversification is crucial if Botswana is to continue to be an 'African success story'.

6: International Criminal Justice and Africa

How is international criminal justice meted out?

Is the Mo Ibrahim Prize Worth It?

For the third time in six years, the Mo Ibrahim leadership prize went to no-one. But the foundation is about much more than an annual award.

Why Elections in Botswana Do Not Necessarily Equal Democracy

Anna Rabin argues that in spite of its commitment to free and fair elections, Botswana's commitment to democracy can still be challenged.

Botswana: The Need for a New Politics

Dr Zibani Maundeni of the University of Botswana argues that without reform resistance to the rule of Ian Khama will become radicalised.

Experts Weekly: Strikes in Botswana

Think Africa Press asks five experts about the meaning of Botswana's public sector strikes.

Prioritising Pensions for the Young

As healthcare improves across the continent, the need for good pension schemes will increase.

The Movement for Democratic Change: a Waning Star

Blessing-Miles Tendi argues that after losing touch with the popular grievances it once championed, the MDC is now engaging in corruption and violence.