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Weekly Newsletter 5 November 2012

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A stamp from Namibia.

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After a number of delays and complications, Libya’s parliament has approved a new cabinet. The vote over the ministers proposed by Prime Minister Ali Zeidan, who was appointed following the dismissal of his predecessor after just 25 days in office, was originally postponed after protesters occupied the floor of the national assembly. The new cabinet will face many challenges, especially in terms of disarming Libya’s numerous militias and developing the country’s oil sector.

Afonso Dhlakama, leader of Mozambique’s main opposition party RENAMO, has decamped to his former base in Gorongosa Game Park along with 800 former guerrillas in retaliation against the FRELIMO government. Dhlakama has called for President Guebuza to negotiate with him in the bush over electoral reform, veterans’ rights, and the economy.

Think Africa Press has been critically examining recent ‘Africa Rising’ narratives. On the one hand, the enthusiasm around ‘good news from Africa’ may tell us as much about those pushing those ideas than the reality itself. On the other, looking beyond statistics about growth rates reveals that Africa’s ‘rise’ may be contained to a small upper echelon.

Thick Africa Press has launched a new, free, online course entitled ‘International Law and Africa’. Bringing together leading academics, legal practitioners and UN special rapporteurs, it will examine aspects of international law – its foundations and history, sources and protection mechanisms, substantive rights and contemporary challenges – and how they affect Africa. The first few articles are already available, with the remaining articles to be published over the coming days. A page will also be created from which the entire course will be accessible, and readers are encouraged to engage with the course by asking questions, answering the ‘questions to consider’ listed at the end of each article, commenting on articles, and suggesting new content.

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Central: Review – Who Killed Hammarskjöld?

East: Review – Call Me Kuchu

South: Lack of Funding and Political Interference Damage Zimbabwean Education

Below are a few highlights from the past week:

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