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Weekly Newsletter 22 April 2013

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A stamp from Sierra Leone.

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Egypt’s talks with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) over a proposed $4.8 billion loan ended in Cairo last week without an agreement being reached. Talks continued in Washington DC, US, at the weekend. With unemployment and poverty rising, the proposed loan could prove crucial in restoring Egypt’s faltering economy. However, implementing the IMF’s conditions for granting the loan – in particular the removal of food and fuel subsidies – could be socially and politically costly.

Egypt has reportedly dispatched armoured vehicles to Sinai in a bid to improve security in the peninsula. Security in Sinai is believed to have deteriorated recently and the region is home to a number of militant groups, criminal networks and people smugglers. In particular, many refugees from Eritrea have been taken hostage, tortured and held for ransom in Sinai over the past few years.

Uganda has generated controversy by re-tabling in parliament a proposed Anti-Pornography Bill. The bill is purportedly a reaction to an "increase in pornographic materials in the Ugandan mass media and nude dancing in the entertainment world", however the bill’s broad definition of ‘pornography’ means it would potentially outlaw a wide range of practices including the wearing of miniskirts.

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