Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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The Central African Republic has been described as the 'next Somalia' or 'new Mali', but Islamist militants wanting to deploy there would face big, if not insurmountable, challenges.
Having been polio free for nearly 5 years, Cameroon has recently recorded four new cases. Are Pentecostalism's anti-medicine teachings responsible?
The Islamist militant group targeting Western interests in and around northern Nigeria is well-trained, highly-coordinated and more than likely getting some kind of help.
Egyptian protesters are not fighting for Islamism. They are fighting for the right to choose between Islamism and secularism. This is the true significance of Morsi's trial.
An original founder of the banned Salafi organisation reveals its true origins, the extent of its links with al-Nahda, and what lies "behind the curtain."
Recent estimates suggest 10% of Congolese are Muslim, yet the population is paid little attention.
A page has been turned in the history of Jews in Ethiopia. But despite what Israel may think, the page doesn't mark the end of the book, but merely a new, uncertain chapter.
For more than twenty months, the Ethiopian Muslim community has been protesting for their constitutional rights to be respected.
Since the deadly raids on pro-Morsi protest camps, there has been a series of retaliatory attacks on Coptic churches and Christian-owned properties.