Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Child marriage can't be ended overnight. With political will, however, it can be ended in a generation.
From governments elevating local languages in classrooms, to internet-users chatting in their mother tongues, Africa's indigenous languages are on the up.
Europe may express sympathy with African asylum seekers in word, but this is often contradicted by their actions in deed.
The Commission of Inquiry into Khayelitsha Policing is now drafting recommendations, but it will be civil society once again that has to ensure they are implemented.
The Maasai have led semi-nomadic pastoral lives for generations, but now some are settling down − and all thanks to a type of grass.
A Kenyan court has ruled that the Ogiek's 'access' to the Mau Forest must be protected. But claims over the group's 'rights' to the land fell on deaf ears.
Much of South Africa's intelligentsia has been putting its hope in the wrong place. For now, opposition parties are not the answer, but there are three avenues that might be.
Addis Ababa is growing fast and set to expand further, pitting the government against Oromo activists, seeking to protect their rights.
Allegedly in contravention of Kenyan law, thousands of Sengwer have been forcibly removed from their ancestral homeland in the Embobut forest.