Monday, April 21, 2014

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For the canny Museveni, the controversy over gay rights is not a moral issue but a political opportunity. And in this political chess game, he has so far outmanoeuvred everyone.
Women’s status has been greatly enhanced by their growing share of employment, but gender relations are still far from equal.
A Congolese MP is leading the latest bid to criminalise homosexuality, but he will have to deal with a counter-campaign by LGBT activists and health workers if he is to be successful.
The West has had years to criticise Museveni for rights abuses. The fact that condemnation is only coming now, and over gay rights, plays right into the wily old president's hands.
A sensitive and powerful new film, which blurs reality and fiction, adds an important voice to the struggle against child marriage.
Homophobia is not the only motive behind Nigeria's new anti-gay bill. President Goodluck Jonathan is trying to cover up incompetence with hatred.
Tunisia has shifted from being romantic tale of revolution to a tricky testing ground for the contending forces of political Islam, the market economy, and progressive politics.
From drug shortages to insufficient staff to having to pay for 'free' treatment, pregnant women face countless challenges. And that's presuming they can even reach a health centre.
Despite improving school enrolment statistics in Cameroon, girls continue to lag behind boys due to a complex mix of economic and cultural factors.