Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Future Sounds of Mzansi, a new documentary by Spoek Mathambo, traverses the country uncovering countless blossoming electronic music scenes.
Child marriage can't be ended overnight. With political will, however, it can be ended in a generation.
From governments elevating local languages in classrooms, to internet-users chatting in their mother tongues, Africa's indigenous languages are on the up.
In the style of intimate confession, Invisible, a collection of personal stories, swirls around themes of first kisses, plotting co-workers, family rejection and acceptance.
From the porch steps to the record store, Rwandan trio The Good Ones deliver an intimate acoustic album proving the remedial powers of music.
The new album by the Kinshasa-based collective, Kasai Allstars, descends into a fantastical world of heart-thumping, drum-whacking frenzy.
In the midst of regional uncertainty, Mapendo Sumuni's colourful store in Goma is giving Congolese artists reason to celebrate and express themselves.
One radio show in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast, is telling it like it is to its politicians. Well, almost…
Mali’s greatest living kora players come together in a father-son partnership.