Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Algeria - News and Analysis

Sahara Screenings: World's Most Remote Film Festival Prepares for Another Run

Deep in a refugee camp in the Algerian desert, Sahrawi refugees from the Western Sahara are getting ready to host an array of actors and directors for the FiSahara film festival.

Arms for Autocrats: It's Time for the EU to Bite the Bullet

Despite the EU's vow to support human rights and democracy in Africa, it continues to sell billions of dollars worth of arms to authoritarian regimes each year.

Are the Chinese next on Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb's Hit List?

With Beijing backing some unpopular regional regimes and suppressing Muslim Uyghurs, Chinese workers could soon find themselves on the wrong side of Islamist militant groups.

Algeria: Who Will Succeed Bouteflika?

President Bouteflika is unlikely to run for a fourth term. However, following resignations and in-party tensions, his successor is far from clear.

Putting Dissent on Hold: Internet Control and Social Activism in Algeria

How the Algerian government has combated the spread of dissent by using cyber-bullying and by keeping internet and telecoms standards low.

Security in the Sahel and the West's Military Fixation

Western powers are responding to insecurity in the Sahel by instigating greater military projects. But this could lead to the very outcomes the West is trying to avoid.

Algeria: The Real Roots of AQIM

AQIM exists not because of the Arab Spring but Algeria's military coup two decades ago and serious state-building failures in Algeria and northern Mali.

Is the Mo Ibrahim Prize Worth It?

For the third time in six years, the Mo Ibrahim leadership prize went to no-one. But the foundation is about much more than an annual award.

Understanding Algeria's Northern Mali Policy

After years of calling for greater military action in northern Mali, Algeria is now advocating a negotiated solution. Why the apparent change the heart?

Protests Over Pay in Algeria and South Africa

Unresolved wage disputes are likely to lead police auxiliaries in Algeria and truckers in South Africa to demonstrate in coming days or weeks.

Review: Songs for Desert Refugees

An album to raise money for north Malian refugees brings together some of the best desert rockers.