Wednesday, March 4, 2015

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Tanzania - News and Analysis

Tanzania: Treating the Physical and Emotional Wounds of Obstetric Fistula

A hospital providing free fistula repair operations is slowly but steadily reaching and treating more and more women across Tanzania.

CCM's Identity Crisis: Comebacks, Constitution and Corruption in Tanzania

Disunity within Tanzania's ruling party could be a cause for frustration, but it could also lead to some positive soul-searching.

TAZARA, the Moody Wanderer, its Meanings as Transient as its Boxcars

Even when the story of the Zambia-Tanzania railway is is one of triumph and togetherness, there’s still a current of anxiety flowing beneath the surface.

Feet-Dragging, Fast-Tracking and Freedom of Movement: Where Now for the EAC?

With relations within the East African Community fraying in recent months, the upcoming heads-of-state summit will be all the more important.

And Another One: the Tragedy of Single-Issue Publications on Small-Scale Gold Mining

The sad, unintended consequence of publications like these is that they will skew the debate on small-scale gold mining away from the real issue: legalisation.

Tanzania’s Children and the Toxic Lure of Gold

Tanzania needs to act on child labour in the hazardous gold mining industry, fast.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, the Joys of Pregnancy Come with Fatal Risks

Underfunded facilities and cultural taboos mean that giving birth can be a deadly game of Russian roulette for women in sub-Saharan Africa.

Tanzania Should End Health Sector Discrimination Against Marginalised Groups

Despite pledges for healthcare access for all, many groups in Tanzania face discrimination.

Tanzania's Victims of Torture

Ratifying the Convention against Torture would not end torture in Tanzania overnight, but it would provide an extra layer of protection for the most vulnerable.

Experts Weekly: What Next for US-Africa Relations?

As Obama embarks on a weeklong visit to the continent, we asked a group of experts where America's relationship with Africa is headed.

Tanzania’s Islamist Militants: A Domestic Threat from a Domestic Context

To ease religious tensions, the Tanzanian government will have to reassure the Muslim public that its grievances are being taken seriously.