The Best Hooded Hair Dryers for African American Hair
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Best Hooded Hair Dryer for African American Hair

Having African-American hair is great but you need to take care if accordingly, in order to keep it all healthy and nice looking.

One of the things you should do for your black hair is to use a hooded hair dryer as it’s able to get the best out of the cosmetic products.

Why use a hooded hair dryer

The coarse and dry hair is going to absorb a lot more nutrients when using the deep conditioning under the right heat.

When you’re using a hooded hair dryer, it takes you less time for drying and the “wet style” is going to look a lot better as it’s going to dry a lot faster too.

Let’s not forget that hooded hair dryer allows you to do some multitasking. Reading an email or having a cup of coffee while drying your hair is easy to do with this type of hair dryer.

How to choose one

Look for a hooded hair dryer that has more wattage. Even though you may not use its full potential, a greater wattage with right control gives you the chance for the best upshot.

You want your hooded hair dryer to feature multiple heats and speed settings as black hair is so different. A relaxed mane is going to need a low heat setting, whereas a high-temperature is good on a thick or coarse hair.

Don’t forget about the cool shot feature on your hair dryer as you’re going to need it towards the end of your styling.

Last, but not least, a hooded hair dryer has to generate negative ions to seal off the cuticles, minimizing risk for damage and speeding up the drying time.

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TOP 5 Hooded Hair Dryers for African American Hair

1.Going shopping on a tight budget is no picnic but you still can get a good deal if you’re searching high and low for the best choice for our money.

The Conair Pro Styler Bonnet Hair Dryer perfectly matches the description of a good hair dryer considering the money you’re paying.

The hair dryer has 1875 watts for strong drying and gives you two heat/speed settings to choose from. Even though it doesn’t come with a medium setting as well, you’re still going to find it useful.

The list of good things isn’t as short as you may think and the hair dryer comes with a very large hood that lets you use a set of jumbo rollers. The airflow settings are adjustable so you can adjust it to various hair styles.

Another good thing is that the hair dryer dries hair evenly. It’s easy to open/close it and its compact shape makes it so easy to store it when not in use. Let’s not forget to mention its very small footprint and the standing ability that make storage so easy.

It’s a lightweight hair dryer so carrying it around the house for finding its best place isn’t going to be difficult at all.

The hair dryer comes with a carry handle, which makes it highly portable and a 6ft long cord that gives you enough freedom of movement.

White and nicely looking, the hooded hair dryer matches any décor as well.

Let’s list the main good things:

  • It has adjustable heat and speed
  • It dries evenly your hair
  • It’s compact and very easy to store
  • It’s easy to use and to move around

The cons aren’t major:

  • It’s a tad noisy
  • The cord gets hot after a while

As long as you’re focusing on the good parts, which are plenty, the hooded hair dryer is a reliable for the home use and it gets the job done, especially considering the buck you’re paying.

2.Cute looking and doing a good job for the money, the Laila Ali LADR5603 Salon Ionic Dryer is a good option for anyone going shopping on a tight budget.

The hair dryer stands out with its purple and black looks, but there’s more to it than meets the eye. It uses ionic technology which means it helps locking in the moisture in order to minimize risk for breakage.

The hair dryer dries your hair pretty fast and gives you 2 heating settings to choose from. It’s easy to use thanks to its on/off switch button and an indicator light is going to inform you when the ionic technology is on or not.

The airflow designed is balanced so the dryer dries your hair evenly. Its heat and speed settings make it versatile so you get control over the drying and styling. Once you’re done with the drying, you can also use the cool setting for the final touch of your hair style.

The dryer features a large round hood that is big enough to fit even the jumbo rollers.

The cord storage area and the collapsible design make it so much easier to store. Additionally, the hair dryer is lightweight and very easy to carry around.

The hair dryer isn’t very loud and many go for its colorful look.

Here’s what we like the most about it:

  • It comes with adjustable heat and speed
  • It’s very easy to use and to store
  • It comes with a large opening hood
  • It’s efficient and not that loud

The downsides aren’t that big of a deal:

  • Some question its durability as it has many plastic parts
  • The design could be better

All in all, the hair dryer comes with a large hood, it’s efficient and easy to store, coming with a bargain price. Therefore, it’s a valid option for a fixed budget. See the full review here.

3.The Tourmaline Tools 1059 by Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic 1875 Watt High Heat Portable Salon Dryer brings a lot of good things to the table and it’s a great option, especially for the money.

Tourmaline Tools 1059

The hair dryer is made with tourmaline and ionic Nano technology and has an 1875-watt power. It dries your hair fast and evenly and the hair remains shiny, softer and frizz-free.

The list of good things continues with the adjustable front visor and the large adjustable hood that lets you use the largest rollers. It comes with 2 speed settings and you can choose from 4 different heat options.

The cord is 9 ft. and the hair dryer comes with two lockable wheels that increase its portability. The hair dryer is sturdy and stays in place. Additionally, the legs are easy to remove from base so storing it isn’t going to be a problem.

The hair dryer is a great choice for the African American hair and it’s reliable for a deep conditioning treatment too.

The noise is pretty tolerable and the dryer has an adjustable height. As for the ionic technology, it’s easy to turn it on/off, depending on your needs.

The hair dryer is easy to set it up out of the box and to use too.

Sturdy, dependable and with a good blowing force, the hooded hair dryer is money well spent.

Highlighting the most important qualities:

  • The hair dryer comes with adjustable heat and speed
  • It has removable wheels
  • It’s dependable and has good blowing force
  • It’s easy to set it up and to use

Don’t let the inherent flaws bother you much:

  • Some feel it’s a tad bulky
  • It gets hot after a while

Regardless of the minor issues, for the stability, portability and adjustability, the hooded hair dryer is a great investment to make for the home use.

4.If you’re determined to dry your hair very fast, pay the extra buck and get yourself a hooded hair dryer like the PEBCO Pro Tools Ionic 2500 Stand Hood Dryer 2000 Watt.

The professional-grade stand hair dryer has an impressive 2500 Watt which means it dries your hair pretty fast. It’s a great option for a straightening or a deep conditioning treatment.

The list of features continues with the hood that is very easy to open and to adjust. You can set the hood at various angles for better comfort when drying your hair.

The dryer comes also with ionic function so it’s easy for you to get at home the results you were getting in the salon. Your hair remains soft and smooth when using the ionic function.

The portability of the hair dryer is also to mention as the hair dryer features wheels. It’s a standing hair dryer that has good stability when in use.

You get to set the temperature of the hair dryer too and the built-in timer is going to be handy in many situations.

The on/off switch makes the hair dryer very easy to use and the hair dryer isn’t difficult to set it up out of the box.

The height is also adjustable so the hair dryer checks so many boxes when it comes to overall quality.

Even though it dries fast and it’s powerful, the hair dryer is very quiet and this may seal the deal for many.

Summing it all up for a short list of positives:

  • It’s powerful and dries fast
  • It’s great for the African-American hair
  • It’s adjustable on many levels
  • It’s quiet, portable and sturdy

We’re not seeing the negatives as deal breakers:

  • It may get hot after some time
  • Some feel it’s not the cheapest option

Long story short, the hair dryer comes with an impressive list of good things and it’s not going to disappoint for sure.

5.For those of you who are sitting on the fence about paying the extra buck or not for a professional-grade hooded hair dryer, get down with it already and get yourself the Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W Salon Dryer with Casters.

The Italian made hair dryer comes with 1100W power but impresses with its high-quality and list of features.

The hair dryer features a stand that is fully height adjustable. It comes with wheels so its portability is great, without compromising on the stability.

The dryer also comes with a head visor and the hood is big enough to accommodate the jumbo rollers.

We also notice the 0-60-minute timer and the temperature control dial that make the hair dryer easy to use and highly versatile. It’s a great option for the African-American hair and even for the deep conditioning treatments.

The flip top visor, the control warning light and the caster base add up on the list of features, increasing its overall value.

In order to stay on the safe side, keep in mind to pin down your hair or restrain it with a hair net as the hair dryer has an upward hair flow.

Even though it’s large, the hair dryer isn’t difficult to put together.

The hooded hair dryer is strong, yet quiet and quite a power-horse. It’s long lasting and dries very fast.

Our favs would be:

  • It comes with adjustable height, heat and head
  • It features a caster base with wheels
  • It’s powerful and quiet
  • It dries fast and has a durability feel to it

The cons aren’t minimizing its value:

  • It may need a couple of minutes for heating
  • It’s challenging to find its storing place

All in all, for the power, adjustability and durability, the hooded hair dryer is a wise investment of your money.

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