Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Zimbabwe - News and Analysis

Zimbabwe: Uncertainty a Year on from ZANU-PF's Election Victory

Amidst deep political frictions, Zimbabwe has found itself confronted by various economic challenges and contradictions.

Tsvangirai vs. Biti: Who'll Win the Battle for the MDC?

Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change is in the throes of a fierce struggle over the leadership, with battle lines spreading and deepening.

If GM is the Answer, it is Only the Answer Partly, Sometimes, Maybe

Is it true that Africa has "no choice" but to embrace genetically-modified crops?

After 34 Years of Mugabe: From Darling to Despot, and from Hope to Hunger

Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe is living proof that power corrupts, and that a cult of personality can devastate a country otherwise brimming with potential.

The Tragedy of Tsvangirai: Is the Embattled MDC Leader on the Way Out?

Morgan Tsvangirai has been Zimbabwe's main opposition figure for over a decade. But with support dwindling on many fronts, it is doubtful how much longer he can hold on.

The Zimbabwe Sanctions Never Worked

The EU removed sanctions on some of Zimbabwe's elite this week. It should drop the rest as soon as possible. They have been a complete failure.

Going Up in Smoke: The Environmental Costs of Zimbabwe's Tobacco Boom

Smallholder tobacco production in Zimbabwe has been a real success, but at what cost to woods and forests?

Mujuru vs. Mnangagwa: The Battle to Succeed Mugabe Steps Up in Zimbabwe

This year could see Mugabe's successor emerge once and for all, but who will it be? Mujuru has the numbers, but Mnangagwa has the powerful backers.

Zimbabwe's Baby Post Office: the Drivers Smuggling Babies across the Border

As Christmas approaches, the Zimbabwe/South Africa border gets busy. Crowds of people cross over, tons of goods are transported, and around 200 babies are illegally smuggled.

Friends Reunited: Are Zimbabwe and the West Patching Things Up?

For over a decade, President Mugabe and the West have demonised one another, but things appear to be changing, slowly.

Why Zuma Gave In to Mugabe

South Africa's president was expected to take a stronger line with Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe, but Mugabe's hand was stronger than Zuma expected.