Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Zambia - News and Analysis

Review − Give Love To Your Children, Musi-O-Tunya

The legendary Zambian band's compilation captures the energy, excitement and unpredictability of Zamrock at the peak of its 1970s glory.

Holding Up Half the Sky: How Zambia's Women went from Housewives to Breadwinners

Women’s status has been greatly enhanced by their growing share of employment, but gender relations are still far from equal.

Zambia: How Much Can a New Constitution Really Change?

After countless missed deadlines, Zambia is finally making progress towards a new constitution. But real change will require more than just a piece of paper.

TAZARA, the Moody Wanderer, its Meanings as Transient as its Boxcars

Even when the story of the Zambia-Tanzania railway is is one of triumph and togetherness, there’s still a current of anxiety flowing beneath the surface.

When Companies Meet Communities: The Copper Storm Brewing in North-Western Zambia

Accusations of corruption, illegality and exploitation are flying in a dispute over development between mining company FQM, NGOs and local communities, while the government watches on.

Two Years On for Sata: the Success Story and Its Dark Side

As the Patriotic Front celebrates two years in power, Sata's story of economic growth is undermined by one of political repression.

Back in the Red: Can Zambia Manage More Borrowing?

Just six years after debt relief, Zambia is approaching international capital markets, with government promising more such borrowing in the future.

It’s a Rich Man’s World: Where are the Women in Zambia's Legislature?

A poor record on female representation means Zambia lags behind other sub-Saharan African countries. Extravagant electoral campaigns may be to blame.

First Family Problems: Zambia's Former President on Trial

As corruption allegations continue to fly against Zambia’s former first family, Rupiah Banda’s lawyers cry foul over the state prosecutor’s alleged bias.

Zambia's Tangled Webs and Flows

Illicit financial outflows are the missing link between the profits of multinationals and the poverty faced by the majority of Zambians.

Running a Mock in Zambia: The Risks of Publishing Satire

Armed with puns, cartoons and acerbic prose, the Flip Project is trying to revive Zambia's long-lost culture of making fun of those in power.