Tuesday, May 5, 2015

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Tunisia - News and Analysis

In the Joint for a Joint: The Human Cost of Tunisia’s Repressive Drugs Law

Under Law 52, thousands of young Tunisians have been thrown into jail for minor drug use charges, jeopardising their lives and futures.

Tunisia's New Constitution: How Compromise Won Out Over Conflict

Tunisia's new constitution marks a decisive turn to democratic and civil rule, not only in its content but in the context of how it came about.

Regime Remnants, Women and the Clown: Tunisia's Revolution Three Years On

Tunisia has shifted from being romantic tale of revolution to a tricky testing ground for the contending forces of political Islam, the market economy, and progressive politics.

Are the Chinese next on Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb's Hit List?

With Beijing backing some unpopular regional regimes and suppressing Muslim Uyghurs, Chinese workers could soon find themselves on the wrong side of Islamist militant groups.

Tunisia: Uncovering Ansar al-Sharia

An original founder of the banned Salafi organisation reveals its true origins, the extent of its links with al-Nahda, and what lies "behind the curtain."

One Step at a Time: Following Tunisia's New Roadmap

Tunisia's main political groups have agreed to a timetable for the replacement of the Islamist-led government, a new constitution and elections.

Kicking Off: When Football Meets Politics in Tunisia

Football fans, banned from attending league matches in Tunisia after violence, are turning to politics once again.

Can Tunisia’s Labour Union Ride to the Rescue?

As Tunisia descends into political crisis, many are looking to the UGTT for mediation and resolution – for this is no ordinary union.

Experts Weekly: Can Tunisia's Democratic Transition Succeed?

We asked a panel of experts how terrorism, political assassinations and recent anti-governments protests will affect Tunisia.

FEMEN Exposes Cleavages in Tunisia's Women's Movements

18-year-old Amina Sboui provoked outrage when she posted topless photos of herself online as a form of protest. But are such actions necessary shock tactics or just bare-faced cheek?

Tunisia: Threat of Unrest around Planned Salafist Gathering in Kairouan

Amidst escalating tensions between government and Salafist groups, Ansar al-Sharia has planned a large gathering in Kairouan on 19 May.