Monday, April 20, 2015

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Sudan - News and Analysis

IGAD’s Missed Opportunity for Action on South Sudan

As people continue to suffer, the latest regional summit ended in little more than repeated promises.

Review − A Poisonous Thorn in Our Hearts

James Copnall's exploration of 'Sudan and South Sudan’s Bitter and Incomplete Divorce' is at its best when it is telling human stories of courage and tragedy.

Review − The New Kings of Crude

Luke Patey's new book tells the nuanced story of China and India's struggles to extract oil in the high-risk settings of Sudan and South Sudan.

"It's Not a Place you go to Die, but a Place you go to Suffer": Torture and Trafficking in Sinai

Lawlessness in Egypt's Sinai peninsula allows traffickers and kidnappers to make a commodity out of human life.

Egypt's Generals turn to an Old Rival in the Fight against Islamist Militancy in Sinai

With violent attacks by Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis showing no signs of abating, Cairo is looking to Khartoum for a helping hand.

The Gulf's New Disposable Workforce

Gulf states' riches have been built on oil, credit and exploited migrant labour. Increasingly, these workers are African.

Sudan: The Revolution Will not be Televised, It Will be Tweeted

Online and diaspora activists should be recognised as the important early stages of a revolutionary movement, not a distraction.

The Third Way: Israel Can't Solve its Asylum Seeker Issue That Easily

Israeli politicians have announced a deal whereby an East African country, believed by most to be Uganda, will accept its African asylum seekers. But is this even legal?

AU and the ICC – How They Voted

The African Union's demands signal its increasingly frayed relationship with the International Criminal Court.

One Last Throw of the Dice? Sudan's Faltering Regime

With an economy in tatters and public discontent rising, desperate times for al-Bashir call for desperate measures. But what will they be?

Will Netanyahu Take it out on African Migrants?

Israel's High Court recently repealed a law allowing African asylum seekers to be held for 3 years. But this victory could prove to be a pyrrhic one.