Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Staff and Regular Contributors

Editor in Chief: James Schneider

Senior Editor: James Wan

Legal Editor: Rom Bhandari

Senior Video Journalist: Sam Piranty

Facebook Editor: Joris Leverink

North Africa Analyst: Tom Little

Egypt Analyst: Rosa Wild

Zambia Correspondent: Paul Carlucci

Libya Analyst: James Maxwell

Sahel Correspondent: Celeste Hicks

Nigeria Analyst: Lagun Akinloye

Kenya Analyst: Seema Shah

Ghana Analyst: Nelson Oppong

Horn of Africa Analyst: Maddy Fry

Tanzania Analyst: Sarah Collier

Business Analyst: William Clarke

Development Analyst: Dominic Farrell

Agriculture Analyst: Eddie Joy

Political and Security Risk Analysts: Exclusive Analysis, red24

Music Critic: Clyde Macfarlane

Eritrea Analyst: Andy Ryan

Political and Economic Analyst: Simukai Tinhu

Cameroon Correspondent: Ntaryike Divine Jr. Ramzi

Health Analyst: Mike Miesen

Russia-Africa Analyst:  Kester Kenn Klomegah