Sunday, April 19, 2015

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South Africa - News and Analysis

Miners Shot Down: Blood on Whose Hands?

Two years after 34 miners were killed by police at Marikana, a new documentary suggests responsibility goes to very top of the ANC.

Joburg's China Malls Phenomenon

In most of Africa, independent Chinese businesses lie dispersed across various markets and centres. In Johannesburg, they often group together under single roofs.

Pieter-Dirk Uys: Activist by Day, South Africa's Most Popular White Woman by Night

Comedian Pieter-Dirk Uys fought apartheid with humour. Today he calls out political hypocrisy and celebrates the contradictions and absurdities of South Africa.

Exploring Electronic Music in South Africa: "The Future Looks Awesome"

Future Sounds of Mzansi, a new documentary by Spoek Mathambo, traverses the country uncovering countless blossoming electronic music scenes.

An Interview with South Africa's "Most Dangerous White Man" 50 Years On

At the Rivonia Trial in 1964, Denis Goldberg (along with Nelson Mandela) was jailed for life for trying to bring down the apartheid state. Half a century on, what has changed?

South Africa: The Campaign and Commission to Change Khayelitsha Policing

The Commission of Inquiry into Khayelitsha Policing is now drafting recommendations, but it will be civil society once again that has to ensure they are implemented.

South Africa's Election Changed Little, But Then It Was Never Going To

Much of South Africa's intelligentsia has been putting its hope in the wrong place. For now, opposition parties are not the answer, but there are three avenues that might be.

End the Global Apartheid for Women

Reproductive health is a no-brainer but many women across Africa are being denied it. The 'I Decide Petition' wants this to change, for good.

Who Audits the Auditors: Scandal at the Heart of the African Peer Review Mechanism

Inside figures allege that the APRM is fraught with corruption and mismanagement, and that its integrity and independence have been undermined.

Will it be Famine or Feast for Africa as Big Food Retailers Look to the Continent?

Multinationals such as Walmart and Carrefour could easily deal a blow to smaller traders and markets in Africa. But if they choose to work with local firms, they could be a blessing.

‘We're not just Looking for a Loaf of Bread, but the Whole Bakery’: An Interview with NUMSA’s General Secretary

South African union leader Irvin Jim talks to Think Africa Press about the ANC's failures, COSATU's rifts, land reform, workers' rights and more.