Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Somalia - News and Analysis

IGAD’s Missed Opportunity for Action on South Sudan

As people continue to suffer, the latest regional summit ended in little more than repeated promises.

"Until Recently Dhaanto was a Dying Art": An Interview with Aar Maanta

The former refugee from the Ogaden talks Somali music and dance.

Kenya’s Infighting is Good for No-one, Except Al-Shabaab

Unlike after the Westgate siege, the attack on Mpeketoni has left Kenya more divided and therefore more vulnerable.

Let Somaliland Decide its Fate

23 years after Somaliland declared independence, it is time for the rest of the world to accept that full sovereignty is the only viable solution.

The Gulf's New Disposable Workforce

Gulf states' riches have been built on oil, credit and exploited migrant labour. Increasingly, these workers are African.

Welcome to Eastleigh, Kenya's Most Unlikely Holiday Destination

With its sewage-flooded roads and dangerous reputation, Eastleigh may not be top of most tourist lists. But there are some around the world who just can't keep away.

Suspicious Minds: Ethiopians Told to Keep an Eye Out for Al-Shabaab Activity

The Ethiopian government has warned that al-Shabaab could target Ethiopia next. What could this mean for relations between Ethiopians and the country's Somali minority?

Crude Findings: the Forgotten Factor in the Fall and Fall of Somali Piracy

Private security and improved naval tactics have been central to the fall in Somali piracy, but so have changed onshore conditions and the lure of oil.

Al-Shabaab's Westgate Siege was all about Somalia

Many are wondering if al-Shabaab's attack in Nairobi is a sign of its new global orientation. The answer is no.

Home Sweet Home: Changing Times Bring Somali Diaspora Back

With prospects improving in the country, some of the Somali diaspora are coming home.

Keeping it in the Clan: Somaliland’s Tribal Turn under Silanyo

Ahmed Egal argues that the Kulmiye government has destroyed political opposition, undermined Somaliland's nationalist ambitions, and sown the seeds of its own demise.