Monday, April 27, 2015

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Sierra Leone - News and Analysis

Freetown: Life in the Time of Ebola

Although most residents of Sierra Leone's capital have yet to witness Ebola firsthand, the outbreak has nevertheless affected virtually all aspects of daily life.

Nurses not Curses: Witchcraft Beliefs and Mental Health in Sierra Leone

Mental health is a serious problem in Sierra Leone, but there is still only one hospital equipped to deal with mental issues and there is a deep stigma around mental health.

Fourah Bay College: The Decline of Sierra Leone's "Oxford in the Bush"

The radical students at Fourah Bay College were once a source of political dynamism, activism and opposition in Sierra Leone. How times have changed.

Sierra Leone: Freedom of Information is One Thing, Freedom of Press is Another

Sierra Leone's new freedom of information bill could be positive, but as Liberia's experience shows, without political will, the law could mean very little.

Sierra Leone and Ghana: Setting a New Template for African Elections?

Though "mature" Ghana and "fragile" Sierra Leone are rarely compared in terms of their democracies, their elections followed notably similar trends.

Review – Reimagining Child Soldiers in International Law

In challenging typical accounts of child soldiers as passive, faultless victims, Mark Drumbl's book makes a valuable contribution to the understanding of child soldiering.

Sierra Leone's General Election: Women Struggle to Be Heard

Just 6.5% of the parliamentary nominees for the elections are women. But one of them is Maada Bio's running mate and could become vice-president.

13: International Humanitarian Law

How does International Humanitarian Law prevent unnecessary suffering in conflicts?

Ansar Dine Buys Time in Mali; Election-related Violence in Sierra Leone

Kidnapping risk high in Mali despite Ansar Dine negotiations and violence likely in the week before Sierra Leone’s polls.

Sierra Leone's 2012 Elections: The More Things Change...

Sierra Leone's legacies of identity politics, violence, corruption and inequality have proven difficult to overcome. Will the election change that?

Sierra Leone: Health is Wealth

Sierra Leone must continue to invest in healthcare to ensure a stable economic future.