Friday, March 6, 2015

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Senegal - News and Analysis

Tall as the Baobab Tree: Talking Child Marriage in Senegal

A sensitive and powerful new film, which blurs reality and fiction, adds an important voice to the struggle against child marriage.

West Africa's Barbershop 'Pride'

In Esiebo's stunning photos of West African barbershops, the viewer sees the relationship between barber and client, the care barbers take in their work, and above all their pride.

The Poet who was President: The Life and Legacy of Léopold Sédar Senghor

Senegal's first president is rightly revered for instilling democracy in Senegal and founding the négritude philosophical movement. But Senghor was a poet first and foremost.

The Habré Trial: 23 Years On, Justice Comes to Chad

After years of perseverance from victims of Habré's violent rule, the case against the former dictator is finally gathering steam.

Wolof 2.0: Spoken Languages in a Digital Age

In Senegal, French was traditionally the language of writing, Wolof the language of speaking. But, helped by mobile phones and the web, that is fast changing.

Review – Mekfoul District, Toubab All Stars

The best African album you've never heard.

Senegal 'Welcomes' Obama: Sweeping up for the President's Visit

Obama's visit to Senegal elicits a mixture of pride and resentment amongst Goreans and Dakarois.

Experts Weekly: What Next for US-Africa Relations?

As Obama embarks on a weeklong visit to the continent, we asked a group of experts where America's relationship with Africa is headed.

Will Ahmadinejad's African Legacy Last?

Ahmadinejad’s most visible foreign policy successes were in Africa. How will these relationships be affected when the new president, Hassan Rohani, takes power?

Easing Africa's Pain: The Need for Palliative Care

With the prevalence of chronic diseases rapidly increasing in Africa, expanding palliative care will be essential to help patients live with dignity.

Talking Africa at the 12th Islamic Summit

As Islamic leaders descended on Cairo last week for the OIC's first Islamic Summit in Egypt, many of the main discussions centred on Africa.