Tuesday, April 21, 2015

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Population Matters - Africa 2050


Demographic Challenges in sub-Saharan Africa
Population growth in sub-Saharan Africa must not subvert economic development.
Quality, not Quantity: Reproductive Rights Examined
Family planning is felt in the long term, which makes it difficult to attract the attention of policy makers.


New Opportunities in Nigeria?
Shifts in demographics could generate economic growth if resources are invested properly.
Economic Roots, Democratic Shoots
Sven Richter explores the implications of demographics on the population, labour force and politics in Africa.


Health and Gender

Experts Weekly: What is the Intersection between Religion and Family Planning?
Think Africa Press asks four experts about the role of religion in family planning.
Healthy Numbers: The Gender Dimension
What will be the future of healthcare provision?
Mexico City Policy: Family Planning Politicised
The US political vacillation over overseas funding for family planning leaves initiatives in developing world uncertain.
A Humane Investment: Family Planning in Ghana?
The population policies which could produce a demographic dividend.
The Challenge of Empowerment
Demographic change produces vast inequalities, the time to act is now.

Politics and Governance

A Revolutionary Certainty?
How will demographic changes and democratic transition in North Africa affect the rest of the continent?
A New Social Compact for Democracy and Governance in Africa
How will systems of governance adapt to Africa's youthful populations?

7 Billion and counting


Space and Resources

Urban Planning: The Way Forward for Africa's Cities?
Francis Owusu discusses the demographic challenges facing Africa's cities.
Population Growth and Food Security in the Horn of Africa
Changing demographics in the Horn are affecting food security.
The Future of Two Metropolises: Lomé and Cotonou
Urban growth creates planning challenges in the Ibadan-Accra corridor.