Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Namibia - News and Analysis

Bones of Contention: The Politics of Repatriating Namibia's Human Remains

More human remains seized by German colonisers in the early 20th century have been returned to Namibia. But the formal apology Namibians are calling for is still a long way off.

Drought in Namibia: Snapshot of the Future?

Namibia is facing what could be its most severe drought in thirty years. The immediate crisis is serious, but it underlines the importance of Namibia’s efforts to become climate-resilient.

Namibia: Forced Sterilisation and Gender Inequality

A court ruling over sterilisation without consent raises questions over the position of women in Namibian society.

Namibia’s Investor Friendly Policies; Somalia’s August Presidential Elections

Namibia’s national elections in 2014 pose little threat to mining and energy investors. Somalia’s presidential elections may increase support for al-Shabaab.

Namibia's Oil Windfall

In July Namibia announced the discovery of vast oil reserves - will it stave off the "resource curse"?

Is Namibia's Vision 2030 Just a Pipe Dream?

Namibia’s finance minister has unveiled a bold budget, but the nation's economic situation is not as comfortable as it looks.

Review: The Kaiser’s Holocaust: Germany’s Forgotten Genocide and the Colonial Roots of Nazism

David Olusoga and Casper W. Erichsen's new history explores the Herero genocide as a precursor to Nazi racial policy.

Libyan Air Strikes Evoke Strong Reactions From African Leaders

African leaders point to "double standards" and a "regime change doctrine".