Tuesday, March 3, 2015

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Mauritania - News and Analysis

Alive and Well in Mauritania? Slavery and its Stubborn 'Vestiges'

Are there still slaves in Mauritania? Legally, no. Are large numbers of ex-slaves and their descendants still trapped in exploitative systems? Yes.

Security in the Sahel and the West's Military Fixation

Western powers are responding to insecurity in the Sahel by instigating greater military projects. But this could lead to the very outcomes the West is trying to avoid.

Libya vs. The ICC: Stalemate over Saif and Senussi

Libya insists on trying Saif and Senussi in national courts but have custody of neither. The ICC cannot give Libya the right try them.

Remembering the Tirailleurs Sénégalais

How should the West African troops, who fought for colonial France, be remembered today?

Review: Songs for Desert Refugees

An album to raise money for north Malian refugees brings together some of the best desert rockers.

Mauritania: WFP Faces Funding Shortages for School Meals and Refugees

Amidst the Sahel food crisis, relief agency programmes are in danger due to insufficient funding.

Mauritania: Relief Aid Running out for Mali's Refugees

Donations are urgently needed to avoid famine in the Sahel.

Breaking the Drought Cycle in the Western Sahel

Is there hope of a new policy direction tackling the causes as well as symptoms of food insecurity following another food crisis in the Western Sahel?

Mauritania School Meals Run Out as Drought and High Prices Strike

WFP information officer Jacqueline Seeley explains that funding is urgently needed to provide relief to a million “food insecure”.

Sahel Food Crisis: A Race Against Time

Action must be taken immediately if millions of lives in the Sahel region are to be saved.

Will the Arab Spring make the Arab Maghreb Union Bloom?

There have long been hopes of a functioning regional union, but obstacles remain.