Thursday, May 7, 2015

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Malawi - News and Analysis

Malawi: Joyce Banda Never Existed

Banda was considered by much of the West to be a new kind of African leader, but Malawians knew otherwise and made their feelings clear at the polls.

Malawi: Will Cashgate Lose President Banda the Election?

With the public getting restless over the protracted Cashgate investigations, the longer the case drags on, the worse it will be for Banda come May.

Malawi: Justice for the Rich, Prison for the Poor

Being in prison in Malawi can be a tale of two justice systems. One involves legal representation, bail hearings and careful treatment. The other doesn't.

Malawi: Donors Delay Aid as the Cashgate Scandal Unfolds

Despite pleas from the government and the arrest of former justice minister Ralph Kasambara, more international donors have followed suit in suspending aid to Malawi.

Malawi: President Banda Grapples with Graft

Following the Cashgate scandal in which several government officials were found with wads of cash stashed in their homes and cars, the spotlight is on President Banda.

iTeachers and Apps in Malawi: Downloading or Downgrading Education?

What do you do when there are 80 pupils per class and not nearly enough teachers to go around? One option: download an app.

Review – Malawi Mouse Boys, He is #1

From selling roasted mice to playing WOMAD: how the Mouse Boys' gospel feel mixed with African sounds is reaching audiences far beyond dusty Malawian roads.

The 'Gang of Three', 'Midnight Six' and 'Daniel Phiri': Unpacking Malawi's Alleged Coup Plot

The Commission of Inquiry’s report into the death of Malawi's former President Mutharika makes for compelling reading.

Malawi: Paying the Price of Devaluation

Malawi is facing unrest amidst rising prices and falling living standards. Is the hope that was once invested in President Banda running out?

Washed Away: Malawi's Food Security Hit By Natural Disasters

Following erratic rain and drought conditions, and then flooding, Malawi's agricultural successes have been imperilled by the elements.

Protests Predicted in Angola and Malawi

Protests in the week ahead are likely in Angola over veterans' pensions and in Malawi over economic reforms.