Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Madagascar - News and Analysis

Arms for Autocrats: It's Time for the EU to Bite the Bullet

Despite the EU's vow to support human rights and democracy in Africa, it continues to sell billions of dollars worth of arms to authoritarian regimes each year.

Madagascar's Political Crisis: How SADC Saved the Day?

Since Andry Rajoelina's de facto coup in 2009, SADC has taken the lead in mediating Madagascar's political crisis. This year will finally see elections.

Album Review: World Routes, On the Road

Musicians from Uganda, Mali, Cape Verde and Madagascar feature on a rare compilation of BBC Radio 3 recordings.

‘Rising Africa’: Green Optimism Impacts On Local Realities

Africa has an environmental wealth to protect, but will this be achieved to the detriment of populations?

A Lemur Amongst Lions: What Does the Future Hold for Madagascar?

Think Africa Press explores the fundamental tensions between environmental conservation and economic development in the island republic.