Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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Ivory Coast - News and Analysis

Humouring the Politicians: the Growth of Ivorian Satire

One radio show in Abidjan, the economic capital of Ivory Coast, is telling it like it is to its politicians. Well, almost…

Gimme a Break: Ivorian Cocoa's Got 99 Problems, But the Kids Ain't One

The idea that vast swathes children are being enslaved and forced to work 16-hour days in Ivorian cocoa fields makes for dramatic story. Except that it's not true.

Self-Regulation Won't Protect Workers from Exploitation

Business best practice and industry self-regulation could prove useful in improving working conditions, but they will never be enough. There are three main reasons why.

West Africa's Barbershop 'Pride'

In Esiebo's stunning photos of West African barbershops, the viewer sees the relationship between barber and client, the care barbers take in their work, and above all their pride.

Déjà Vu All Over Again: The Ivory Coast's 2015 Elections

Apart from Gbagbo, the same political heavyweights who have been involved in problematic elections in the Ivory Coast for the past twenty years look set to run again.

The Rise and Rise of Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

West Africa's Gulf of Guinea has overtaken the Somali coast as Africa's main piracy hotspot, and this upward trend looks set to continue.

Remembering Félix Houphouët-Boigny, Father of the Ivory Coast's (In)dependence

Unlike many African independence leaders, Houphouët-Boigny's vision was of forging a common fate with ex-colonial masters.

Ivory Coast: Gbagbo Appears Before the ICC

Laurent Gbagbo’s confirmation of charges hearing at The Hague started today. However, the ICC runs the risk of producing one-sided justice.

Increase in Gulf of Guinea Piracy Likely in Next Three Months

With an increase in the capabilities of pirate groups off the Gulf of Guinea and limited security in the West African seas, piracy risks are likely to grow.

Guilty Pleasure: Slavery and Child Labour in the Production of Chocolate

Hundreds of thousands of children work on cocoa farms to produce chocolate consumed around the world.

Ivory Coast: It's Not Just The Economy, Stupid

President Ouattara’s surprising government dissolution has not changed much in Ivorian politics. But what continues to be ignored could come back to haunt him.