Wednesday, May 6, 2015

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At the Rivonia Trial in 1964, Denis Goldberg (along with Nelson Mandela) was jailed for life for trying to bring down the apartheid state. Half a century on, what has changed?
An interview with Lutero Simango, one half of the sibling double act running Mozambique's growing new political party MDM.
South African union leader Irvin Jim talks to Think Africa Press about the ANC's failures, COSATU's rifts, land reform, workers' rights and more.
Rikki Stein, Fela Kuti's former manager and "self-appointed guardian of his legacy", reveals what it was like living and touring with the Nigerian legend.
Tina Campt talks to Think Africa Press about black European subjectivities, the US' dominance in diaspora studies, and how photographs tell us more than we might realise.
Interview with Malian musician, Bassekou Kouyate, at The Sugar Club, Dublin.
Think Africa Press speaks to theorist Lilie Chouliaraki about how solidarity has become a consumerist choice rather than a conviction, and more about ourselves than others.
The ngoni maestro discusses Malian music amidst the conflict in the north, and his new album, Jama Ko.
On the organisation's 60th anniversary, Doortje Braeken speaks to Think Africa Press about the IPPF's mission and recent survey into young Africans' attitudes about sex.