Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Ghana - News and Analysis

Review − Ibibio Sound Machine

"Let's dance" is the mantra of Ibibio Sound Machine, and is likely to be what most listeners think when they hear the band's vibrant debut album.

Stanley Matthews: Wizard and King of Soccer

Jon Henderson, author of a new book on legendary England Footballer Stanley Matthews, looks at the long and lesser-known association between Matthews and Africa.

Review – Ghana Must Go

Taiye Selasi explores the complex dynamics of an African family in a compelling novel that resonates with themes of migration, loss, love and beauty.

Pontifex Africanus: Could the Next Pope be African?

In the wake of Pope Benedict XVI's shock resignation, bookmakers and international media alike are heralding the prospect of Rome's first black African pontiff.

Sierra Leone and Ghana: Setting a New Template for African Elections?

Though "mature" Ghana and "fragile" Sierra Leone are rarely compared in terms of their democracies, their elections followed notably similar trends.

Ghana Elections: A Victory for Mental Health?

For the first time, mentally disabled citizens in Ghana cast votes for their president. But is formal enfranchisement enough?

Guilty Pleasure: Slavery and Child Labour in the Production of Chocolate

Hundreds of thousands of children work on cocoa farms to produce chocolate consumed around the world.

Ghana: Taking the Verdict to Court

Official election results declared President Mahama to be victorious, but the opposition has threatened to take allegations of fraud to the courts.

Where Next for Ghana's Democracy?

Ghana has emerged from challenging elections with its democratic credentials intact. But while the NDC may have won, many facets of the campaigns will shape the next four years.

Review – 24 Hours in a Disco (1978-82) by Kiki Gyan

A new compilation rediscovers the career of one of Ghana’s forgotten musical sons.

On a Knife Edge: Ghana's Close Election to Test its Peace and Democracy

Through the campaign, rhetoric has got stronger and accusations of fraud and violence have increased. With the result be too close to call, how will things pan out?