Saturday, April 25, 2015

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Ghana - News and Analysis

Review − Ibibio Sound Machine

"Let's dance" is the mantra of Ibibio Sound Machine, and is likely to be what most listeners think when they hear the band's vibrant debut album.

Will it be Famine or Feast for Africa as Big Food Retailers Look to the Continent?

Multinationals such as Walmart and Carrefour could easily deal a blow to smaller traders and markets in Africa. But if they choose to work with local firms, they could be a blessing.

Risky Business: Is China Wavering in Africa?

Chinese companies and banks were once seen as bold and fearless as they invested in countries Western investors deemed too risky. But this may now be changing.

Self-Regulation Won't Protect Workers from Exploitation

Business best practice and industry self-regulation could prove useful in improving working conditions, but they will never be enough. There are three main reasons why.

Bottoming Dollars: What Effect will the US Federal Taper have on Africa?

Ghana's cedi and South Africa's rand are depreciating dramatically as the US slows down quantitative easing. But the US' move is not all bad news for Africa.

West Africa's Barbershop 'Pride'

In Esiebo's stunning photos of West African barbershops, the viewer sees the relationship between barber and client, the care barbers take in their work, and above all their pride.

When Companies Meet Communities: Is This What Friendly Commercial Farming Looks Like?

Some say the agribusiness Gadco's presence in eastern Ghana is the best thing that's ever happened in the region. Others fear that there are accidents waiting to happen.

Suite or Slum? Ghana's Serious Shortage of Affordable Housing

Due to a lack of mid-price housing, urban Ghanaians are often confined to two options: plush penthouse or crammed shanty town.

The First Lion and The Last Tiger

Ghana and Burma's shared endeavours for independence were partly forged in the forgotten battles of the south-east Asian campaign during WWII.

Ghana's Old Fadama Slum: "We Want to Live in Dignity"

Residents of Ghana's most notorious slum live in shocking conditions. And the government's threats of eviction are only making things worse.

The Rise and Rise of Piracy in the Gulf of Guinea

West Africa's Gulf of Guinea has overtaken the Somali coast as Africa's main piracy hotspot, and this upward trend looks set to continue.