Sunday, April 26, 2015

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Gambia - News and Analysis

Yahya Jammeh: 18 Years and Counting

Almost two decades after overthrowing the former president, Jammeh's promises of transparency, accountability and probity for Gambia remain unfulfilled.

Gambia: Where is Ebrima Manneh?

Journalist Ebrima Manneh was detained without charge in 2006, and the government and police keep changing their stories regarding his whereabouts.

Jammeh Wins Election, Extends 17-Year Rule in Gambia

Yahya Jammeh wins a landslide election in Gambia - an election ECOWAS refused to monitor.

The Week Ahead from Exclusive Analysis: Elections in Gambia and DRC, Rebel Attacks in South Sudan

Exclusive Analysis predicts violent protests in DRC, a heavy security presence in Gambia and collateral damage to oil operations and NGOs in South Sudan.

Gambia Elections: A Foregone Conclusion?

Electoral corruption and political divisions mean that Gambia's political opposition will struggle to defeat Yahya Jammeh in this month's elections.

Education is the Key for Gambian Development

The village of Kanubeh is a microcosm of the educational challenges facing upcountry Gambia.

Album Review: JuJu, In Trance

A collaboration between the British guitarist Justin Adams and the Gambian ritti player Juldeh Camara.

A "Third Way" for Aid?

The UK's Coalition Government has ushered in a new approach to aid. What does it mean for international development in African countries?