Thursday, March 5, 2015

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Experts Weekly

At current rates, it will take sub-Saharan Africa 15 years to reach its water goals and 150 years to reach its sanitation targets. A group of experts explain what needs to change.
Mugabe and ZANU-PF are here to stay. We asked a panel of experts what this means for the next five years in Zimbabwe.
We asked two leading experts about violence in Egypt's transitional period. Their answers could not have been more different.
We asked a panel of experts what impact the nutrition for growth summit will have on Africa.
As Obama embarks on a weeklong visit to the continent, we asked a group of experts where America's relationship with Africa is headed.
A panel of experts explains what needs to be done to help Africa's agricultural sector develop.
With the expiration of the MDGs fast approaching, Think Africa Press asks a panel of experts what direction the next set of goals should take to help Africa develop.
Negotiations between Seleka rebels and President Bozizé led to the establishment of a new power-sharing government. Think Africa Press asked a panel of experts about its prospects.
Never before have women held so many positions of political leadership in Africa. But how does this reflect broader social and political developments on the continent?