Thursday, April 24, 2014

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Ethiopia - News and Analysis

Who Audits the Auditors: Scandal at the Heart of the African Peer Review Mechanism

Inside figures allege that the APRM is fraught with corruption and mismanagement, and that its integrity and independence have been undermined.

Uganda: Grandmaster Museveni and his Gay Rights Pawn

For the canny Museveni, the controversy over gay rights is not a moral issue but a political opportunity. And in this political chess game, he has so far outmanoeuvred everyone.

Will it be Famine or Feast for Africa as Big Food Retailers Look to the Continent?

Multinationals such as Walmart and Carrefour could easily deal a blow to smaller traders and markets in Africa. But if they choose to work with local firms, they could be a blessing.

The Gulf's New Disposable Workforce

Gulf states' riches have been built on oil, credit and exploited migrant labour. Increasingly, these workers are African.

Mandela's Long Walk to Ethiopia

As a founder of the ANC's armed wing, Mandela was deeply drawn to Ethiopia. His time there tells us a lot about the young leader.

Suspicious Minds: Ethiopians Told to Keep an Eye Out for Al-Shabaab Activity

The Ethiopian government has warned that al-Shabaab could target Ethiopia next. What could this mean for relations between Ethiopians and the country's Somali minority?

Aiding and Abetting: UK and US Complicity in Ethiopia's Mass Displacement

In the face of evidence, the UK and US continue to deny systematic human rights abuses are occurring in the Lower Omo as thousands are displaced for an irrigation scheme.

The Last Jews of Ethiopia?

A page has been turned in the history of Jews in Ethiopia. But despite what Israel may think, the page doesn't mark the end of the book, but merely a new, uncertain chapter.

Slow but Sustained: Ethiopian Muslims' Struggle for Rights Continues

For more than twenty months, the Ethiopian Muslim community has been protesting for their constitutional rights to be respected.

Ethiopia: When a Traditional Past Collides with an Irrigated Future

Are the government's large-scale developments in southern Ethiopia forcing local populations to move with the times or just move out the way?

Indigenous Peoples' Day: the Perils of Progress

The hardships that indigenous peoples face exposes gaps in human rights rhetoric. Read around the subject with Think Africa Press.