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Egypt's Military Economy: Money is Power, Power is Money

Egypt's military doesn't only control the political levers of power, but also the economic ones. And its involvement is getting even deeper.

"It's Not a Place you go to Die, but a Place you go to Suffer": Torture and Trafficking in Sinai

Lawlessness in Egypt's Sinai peninsula allows traffickers and kidnappers to make a commodity out of human life.

Egypt's Generals turn to an Old Rival in the Fight against Islamist Militancy in Sinai

With violent attacks by Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis showing no signs of abating, Cairo is looking to Khartoum for a helping hand.

Arms for Autocrats: It's Time for the EU to Bite the Bullet

Despite the EU's vow to support human rights and democracy in Africa, it continues to sell billions of dollars worth of arms to authoritarian regimes each year.

Targeting Tourists: Militant Islamists in Egypt Shift Their Focus

The recent suicide attack in the Sinai peninsula suggests that the Islamist militant group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis has adopted a new strategy.

Falling Leaves: Kenya's Farmers Falter as Tea Prices Drop

Thousands of miles from the streets of Cairo, Kenyan farmers are feeling the effects of Egypt's instability as demand for tea falls significantly.

Protests Predicted for Egypt's 25 January Revolution Day

On the third anniversary of the start of the revolution that toppled Mubarak, pro- and anti-government supporters are likely to take to the streets.

The Gulf War over Egypt’s Economy

Having once been the regal heart of the Middle East, Egypt now finds itself relegated to the position of a mere jewel being fought over to adorn other countries’ crowns.

A Sham and A Shame: Morsi's Show Trial Reveals Egypt's Real Divisions

Egyptian protesters are not fighting for Islamism. They are fighting for the right to choose between Islamism and secularism. This is the true significance of Morsi's trial.

Egypt's Political Football: When Athletes Get on the Wrong Side of the Government

Footballer Ahmed Abdel Zaher, banned and put up for sale for making a political gesture after scoring a goal, is not Egypt's first sporting casualty.

Will America's Aid Freeze Make Any Difference to Egypt's Military?

The US' suspension of military aid will deprive the Egyptian military of its favourite toys, but will do little to weaken its economic grip.


Egypt MDG Scorecard: Achieved Targets per Goal
Goal 1: Eradicate Poverty and Hunger Goal 5: Improve Maternal Health
Goal 2: Achieve Universal Primary Education Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria and other Diseases
Goal 3: Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women Goal 7: Ensure Environmental Sustainability
Goal 4: Reduce Child Mortality Goal 8: Develop a Global Partnership for Development


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