Monday, May 4, 2015

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Djibouti - News and Analysis

IGAD’s Missed Opportunity for Action on South Sudan

As people continue to suffer, the latest regional summit ended in little more than repeated promises.

At The President's Pleasure: Post-Election Repression in Djibouti

Djibouti's opposition have been protesting against the government over what they claim were fraudulent elections. The government has responded with forceful repression.

Djibouti Heads to the Polls: The Troubling Illusion

After tomorrow’s vote, Djibouti is likely to have a parliamentary opposition for the first time since independence. But will this seemingly positive step help alleviate Djiboutians' many woes?

Talking Africa at the 12th Islamic Summit

As Islamic leaders descended on Cairo last week for the OIC's first Islamic Summit in Egypt, many of the main discussions centred on Africa.

Somalia: Gains Made in the Battle Against Al-Shabaab

AU troops are spreading out beyond Mogadishu in the fight against al-Shabaab, possibly jeopardising security in the capital.

Horn of Africa: More Than Victims

The Horn of Africa drought has hit women hardest, but it can also offer them opportunities for empowerment.

Population Growth and Food Security in the Horn of Africa

Changing demographics in the Horn are affecting food security.

Experts Weekly: Drought in the Horn of Africa

As millions of lives are threatened by a drought and resultant famine in the Horn of Africa, Think Africa Press asks what can be done to improve food security in the region.

Djibouti Elections: Going Nowhere Fast

With elections scheduled for April 8, prospects for the country remain negligible.

Drought and Corruption in the Horn of Africa

As drought once again threatens parts of the Horn of Africa, hydropolitics and allegations of corruption at the World Food Programme only add to the malaise.

Somaliland: Past, Present and Future - Part 18

In the second section of an in-depth analysis of the issues surrounding recognition of Somaliland, the implications for the international community, and the major obstacles to achieving such status are discussed.