Sunday, April 19, 2015

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Chad - News and Analysis

Arms for Autocrats: It's Time for the EU to Bite the Bullet

Despite the EU's vow to support human rights and democracy in Africa, it continues to sell billions of dollars worth of arms to authoritarian regimes each year.

Chad: Déby's Misstep in the Central African Republic

By allegedly backing the Séléka rebels in early 2013, President Déby of Chad thought he could finally solve his southern problem. His plan backfired dramatically.

The Habré Trial: 23 Years On, Justice Comes to Chad

After years of perseverance from victims of Habré's violent rule, the case against the former dictator is finally gathering steam.

Chad: Power Abroad, Trouble at Home

Since the Malian intervention, Chad has been flexing its muscles like a major regional player, but its gung-ho approach may undermine its ambitions.

The Trial of Hissène Habré: A Turning Point for Justice in Africa?

After a long wait, Chad's former dictator will be tried in a court in Senegal. If the trial is fair and effective, we could soon be talking about the "Habré precedent".

Speaking the Same Language? Africa and the Future of la Francophonie

As the influence of the French language declines and some turn to English, what is the place of France and la Francophonie in Africa?

Ivory Coast's Truth Commission: No Reconciliation on a Battlefield

Truth commissions are a must-have for any country in transition, but why have so many failed?

Sahel Food Crisis: Chad's Perfect Storm

As well as tackling the immediate emergency, long-term solutions are needed to boost agricultural production and increase community resilience.

Breaking the Drought Cycle in the Western Sahel

Is there hope of a new policy direction tackling the causes as well as symptoms of food insecurity following another food crisis in the Western Sahel?

Sahel Food Crisis: School Meals Needed in Chad as Hunger Deepens

Malek Triki, WFP spokesperson for West Africa, explains the severity and urgency of the food shortages for children in Chad.

Sahel Food Crisis: A Race Against Time

Action must be taken immediately if millions of lives in the Sahel region are to be saved.