Monday, April 27, 2015

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Central African Republic - News and Analysis

Not a Moment Too Soon: UN Approves Peacekeeping Mission for the CAR

A 12,000-strong UN force is a positive step, but there are still five months before it's deployed and questions remain over where the troops and funding will come from.

Central African Republic: One Year on from the Coup

In a year, the CAR's crisis has deepened as the conflict has spread and taken on old and new dimensions.

Humanitarian Funding Urgently Needed for the Central African Republic

The CAR is experiencing alarming levels of malnutrition and the World Food Programme has just a fraction of the money it needs to address the crisis.

Central African Republic: Ignore Kony at Your Peril

The world’s most viral villain is by no means the greatest threat to the CAR's security. But that doesn't mean we should turn a blind eye to his latest gamble for survival.

The Central African Conflict is about Far More than Religion

CAR violence has been painted in largely religious terms, obscuring deeper dynamics. But these more complex aspects must be recognised if resolution efforts are to be effective.

From the Sahel to the Savannah: Could Islamist Militants Set Up Shop in the CAR?

The Central African Republic has been described as the 'next Somalia' or 'new Mali', but Islamist militants wanting to deploy there would face big, if not insurmountable, challenges.

Calculating Coups: Can Data Stop Disasters?

Statistical forecasting isn't perfect but it's always getting better. The international community should sit up and listen because it could help save lives.

Arms for Autocrats: It's Time for the EU to Bite the Bullet

Despite the EU's vow to support human rights and democracy in Africa, it continues to sell billions of dollars worth of arms to authoritarian regimes each year.

Chad: Déby's Misstep in the Central African Republic

By allegedly backing the Séléka rebels in early 2013, President Déby of Chad thought he could finally solve his southern problem. His plan backfired dramatically.

Arise, Catherine Samba-Panza: Will This Be Third Time Lucky for the Central African Republic?

Who is the CAR's new president and what can we expect from the country's third government since January 2013?

Peace and Security for Africa, Made in France

For all the talk of a new approach, it seems France is the only actor able and willing to engage militarily in much of Africa.