Saturday, April 25, 2015

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Burundi - News and Analysis

Burundian Civil Society Fights Back But Will it be Enough?

Media, opposition and civil society groups have been pushing back against government attempts to constrict political space, but as elections approach the fight will only get harder.

Burundi's Tax Success Story Under Threat

Burundi's revenue authority has dramatically increased government revenue, but it's struggling for funds itself.

Burundi on the Brink: Is Nkurunziza Tightening his Grip Ahead of 2015 Elections?

In recent months, opposition ministers have been sacked, violence by the ruling party's youth wing have increased, and controversial constitutional reforms have been proposed.

Feet-Dragging, Fast-Tracking and Freedom of Movement: Where Now for the EAC?

With relations within the East African Community fraying in recent months, the upcoming heads-of-state summit will be all the more important.

Backing the Taxman in Burundi

Since implementing a range of measures in 2009, Burundi has managed to boost its tax revenues considerably. But this is no time for complacency.

A Little Less Conversation: The Burundian Government Just Can’t Please its Teachers

Burundian teachers have stood down from yet another strike, but this is not a conflict that will go away easily.

New Rebel Group Strikes in Burundi

How will Burundi's latest rebel group, which carried out an attack in the north last month, affect the country's tense political environment?

13: International Humanitarian Law

How does International Humanitarian Law prevent unnecessary suffering in conflicts?

Tensions Threaten to Bubble Over in Burundi

Violent repression of political opposition and retaliatory attacks by anti-government groups are threatening Burundi's fragile peace.

Somalia: Gains Made in the Battle Against Al-Shabaab

AU troops are spreading out beyond Mogadishu in the fight against al-Shabaab, possibly jeopardising security in the capital.

Review: The Drummers of Burundi, Live at Real World

Real World Records re-release a classic percussion album from Burundi's former spiritual parliamentarians.



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