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Weekly Newsletter 27 November 2012

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A stamp from Somalia.

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The M23 rebels in the eastern DRC have announced a list of conditions for their withdrawal from Goma following a meeting in Kampala. The group captured the regional capital last week and threatened to extend their offensives in the area. Regional intervention, led in part by Uganda’s President Museveni who has proved himself to be a shrewd foreign policy operator, has now led to the rebels to put forward conditions upon which they have agreed to pull out from the town. One head of state not present at recent talks has been Rwanda’s Paul Kagame who, some believe, is providing direct support to M23. Having long been an ‘aid darling’, now a number of donors are considering suspending aid to Rwanda.

Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi has refused to repeal the constitutional declaration announced last week which granted him sweeping extra powers. Following talks with senior judges and in the face of mass protests, Mursi insisted that the new measures were necessary to protect the revolution. Opposition claim that the decree is an undemocratic power grab that gives Mursi unaccountable and dictatorial powers.

November 25 was International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. Gendered violence continues across the world, taking many forms. To highlight the important subject, Think Africa Press published a mini-special giving an overview of the subject and guide to our previous articles on violence against women in Africa.

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Below are a few highlights from the past week:

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