Thursday, April 17, 2014

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The CAR is experiencing alarming levels of malnutrition and the World Food Programme has just a fraction of the money it needs to address the crisis.
Having been polio free for nearly 5 years, Cameroon has recently recorded four new cases. Are Pentecostalism's anti-medicine teachings responsible?
Mental health is a serious problem in Sierra Leone, but there is still only one hospital equipped to deal with mental issues and there is a deep stigma around mental health.
Weak regulations – and alleged underhand tactics – are helping big tobacco firms increase demand in Africa, especially among the young.
Big challenges remain to ensure the biggest ever pledge for nutrition specific interventions is not a wasted opportunity.
A new Amnesty report claims that firms have been misrepresenting oil spills to avoid paying compensation. But this is just the tip of the iceberg of Nigeria's oil problems.
Africa may or may not be “rising” but it's certainly widening. Obesity is on the rise, and is rising fast.
From drug shortages to insufficient staff to having to pay for 'free' treatment, pregnant women face countless challenges. And that's presuming they can even reach a health centre.
After the Haiti cholera scandal, the UN Mali mission has become the first tasked with assessing its own environmental impacts. However early indications don't look promising.