Monday, April 21, 2014

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This crowd-funded comedy lampoons a target ripe for satire, but it would be a shame if the programme ends up kissing the hand it set out to bite.
Africa's history has for too long laid scattered across Western museums and private collections, out of the reach of their true owners' hearts, minds and memories.
There is no such thing as an objective map. This was true of cave paintings, Roman tapestries, and colonialists' charts of Africa. It is also true of Google Maps.
Contemporary African design trends based on fractals tap into a venerable tradition of self-organisation and open new spaces for local creativity and civic participation.
"Let's dance" is the mantra of Ibibio Sound Machine, and is likely to be what most listeners think when they hear the band's vibrant debut album.
Deep in a refugee camp in the Algerian desert, Sahrawi refugees from the Western Sahara are getting ready to host an array of actors and directors for the FiSahara film festival.
The legendary Zambian band's compilation captures the energy, excitement and unpredictability of Zamrock at the peak of its 1970s glory.
The vibrant Amani Festival demonstrated how Goma is not only the epicentre of various conflicts, but a place where Congolese and their neighbours can unite in joy and hope.
A sensitive and powerful new film, which blurs reality and fiction, adds an important voice to the struggle against child marriage.