Saturday, April 18, 2015

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The hardships that indigenous peoples face exposes gaps in human rights rhetoric. Read around the subject with Think Africa Press.
Residents of Ghana's most notorious slum live in shocking conditions. And the government's threats of eviction are only making things worse.
Despite fertile lands, malnourishment is rife in the north of Cameroon. Political prioritisation and investment are crucial and urgent.
Growth alone is not enough. The MDGs alone are not enough. Africa needs sustainable, inclusive development and in this, the diaspora could be key.
If the fragilities and dangers within Africa's growth are not recognised, 'Africa Rising' stereotypes may prove as hopeless as their predecessors.
We asked a panel of experts what impact the nutrition for growth summit will have on Africa.
A bolder and more wholesale approach to restructuring South Africa’s rural economy is needed.
Investing in cassava production could provide a range of developmental benefits.
Mozambique's economy may be booming thanks to its natural gas reserves, but whether ordinary citizens are benefiting is another matter.