Tuesday, April 28, 2015

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Angola - News and Analysis

Calculating Coups: Can Data Stop Disasters?

Statistical forecasting isn't perfect but it's always getting better. The international community should sit up and listen because it could help save lives.

Bottoming Dollars: What Effect will the US Federal Taper have on Africa?

Ghana's cedi and South Africa's rand are depreciating dramatically as the US slows down quantitative easing. But the US' move is not all bad news for Africa.

Angola’s Biggest Threat Is Offshore − and It's Not Piracy

Eradicating shell companies won’t eliminate Africa’s economic and political problems overnight. But it will deprive criminals and kleptocrats of their most important asset: secrecy.

We Buy Any Jet: Why is Angola Buying Hand-Me-Down Military Equipment from Russia?

Despite being sold outdated and sometimes substandard equipment, arms deals remain central to Russian-African relations.

Drought in Namibia: Snapshot of the Future?

Namibia is facing what could be its most severe drought in thirty years. The immediate crisis is serious, but it underlines the importance of Namibia’s efforts to become climate-resilient.

Review – Band-Aid for a Broken Leg

The recollections of a young MSF doctor provide a refreshing take on the humanitarian aid worker experience.

Protests Predicted in Angola and Malawi

Protests in the week ahead are likely in Angola over veterans' pensions and in Malawi over economic reforms.

13: International Humanitarian Law

How does International Humanitarian Law prevent unnecessary suffering in conflicts?

Will Oil Resources be a Blessing or a Curse for Malawi?

With its natural resources, Malawi has the opportunity to take the road less travelled: that of transparency, accountability and shared prosperity.

Protests Likely in Angola, Senegal, South Africa and Togo

Demonstrations planned for the week ahead in four countries could turn violent.

Angola’s Elections: A Mere Formality for the MPLA?

If there is a shift in power, it is unlikely to be from elections but rather post-election succession battles and growing opposition movements.