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Weekly Newsletter 9 July 2012

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A stamp from Ghana.

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Egypt’s President Mohammed Mursi’s order for parliament to reconvene has been rejected by the country’s Supreme Court, which ruled that the Supreme Council of Armed Forces’ dissolution of parliament last month was binding. The verdict is likely to further heighten tensions between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mursi. It remains unclear how much authority the new president has and many are waiting to see how the Islamists will exercise power, and what the effects will be for Egyptian citizens and the broader region.
The foreign ministers from at least 11 African countries are scheduled to meet this week to discuss the conflict in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo and the M23 rebel group, which, according to recent evidence, is being supported by Rwanda. It is possible increased insecurity will contribute to the levels of sexual violence in the region which, despite lack of reporting and support, affects men as well as women.

South Africa's ruling ANC party held a policy conference last week which set out a proposed framework for national policy to be ratified at its five-yearly conference in Mangaung in December. It seems, however, that the ANC failed to get to the heart of the country's political economy needs, which could mean the majority of South Africans remain economically disenfranchised.
Meanwhile, following the 2012 Caine Prize for African Writing, Think Africa Press has been examining the notion of ‘African writing’ and exploring narratives of Africa in news coverage, literature and the media

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